Meet Shakira Logan: Account Manager

Empire 28 Inc’s Account Manager, Shakira Logan, is here to stay! Logan joined the team on September 6th and has not slowed down at all since her first day. Each of our team members has a different path to our office, and for Shakira Logan it was a mix of hard work and great timing. “I was just shopping around for opportunity and I found Empire 28 INc. I couldn’t be happier to have landed on a team of such inspiring and motivational entrepreneurs.”

They say that a great career brings you far more than money. Truly fulfilling work brings opportunities to learn and grow and prosper, and that is exactly what Logan found. “My career has taught me how important it is to help other people. It has also helped me become a solution oriented person.” If you’re lucky, you’ll even walk out with a few great friends and mentors. “I’ve gained long term relationships, I’ve gained grit, and I’ve also learned a lot about myself, like the weaknesses and strengths I didn’t know I had.”

“My proudest moment in my life was having my child. Being a mother changed my life in the best way, and I work to make a great future for her. I am very passionate about my family. I am inspired each and every day by my daughter, mother, and sister. In the office, I am proud of myself for sticking to my goals and helping others grow. My favorite thing about working in this business are the different encounters with people daily, as well as the networking. I have the opportunity to inspire as many people as possible, and there is no end in sight.”

Another pillar of success for any entrepreneur is the ability to visualize a future, while succeeding in their current role. Logan is a master at this, and between breaking records, she has her sights set on recruitment. “If I could learn to do anything within the company, it would be recruiting talent. I could see myself starting a career in HR or recruitment, and am lucky to watch the recruiters in the Empire 28 Inc office and learn the ropes now.”

“To me, success is covered in dirty overalls and scars, not with perfect clothing and beautiful skin. In other words, in order to be successful, you have to be willing to do things others aren’t willing to do. That’s the difference between the successful and the unsuccessful. People aren’t successful because they never failed. People are successful because when they fell, they got back up!”

Her rise to success in this role has been nothing short of astounding, and in her mind, anyone can do it too. “My business advice for young professionals is this: be optimistic! If you want to be successful, take the road less traveled and you’ll end up where you need to be. My goals in life motivate me to go to work every day. I want a life worth living, and that isn’t going to happen without hard work and dedication.”

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